10 Things to try while in Venice

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There are a million things to do in Venice. Or not any of them. Yep, that’s right, in a city like this one you don’t need to, “do something” to take home an unbelievable experience. What actually is worthwhile is experiencing the city without stress or pressure, and getting lost and and letting the little things surprise you, from unexpected moments or hidden alleys. 

And if you’re a fan of the “to do list” here are some things to do in Venice that both Venetians and tourists like. Some may not come to mind so if you have some time, view them as some “alternative ideas.”


10 – Aperitif late morning with cicchetto and tramezzino 

You can view it as forbidden but every now and then it’s necessary. Hunger starts kicking in by this time and as we know in Venice you have to walk a lot. So a nice glass of prosecco with a nice tramezzino shouldn’t be underestimated, especially if it’s before lunch.


9- Climb the Scala de Bovolo on a sunny day 

It’s been reopened recently, and if you can find the right moment, it offers a different prespedtive the usual one. Breathatking panorama and different era feeling.


8- See a movie at Venice’s annual Mostra del Cinema 

If you’re visiting during the end of August to beginning September, The oldest Film Festival in the world is something you shouldn’t miss. The official tickets to see the Sala Grande are prices in the end, accessible/possible.


7- Eat in one of the summer Sagre (local festivals) of the city 

There are many from S.Piero to Pellestrina. from San Giacomo to San Francesco della Vigna. Here you’ll find real Venetians.


6- Taste all the different types of Spritz and decide which one will be “the usual”

Of course, it’s easy to order a Spritz.  But which one is right for you? There are at least four types (Aperol, Bitter, Cynar, Select) It’s not necessary to try them all in one go.


5- Visit the different Biennale pavilions scattered about the city

Everyone suggests you visit the Gardens of Sant’Elena and The Arsenale that are the official headquarters of the Biennale (we suggest it too.) But dispersed throughout the city are lots of others pavilions, often exhibited in marvelous palaces that would usually not be open to the public.


4- Wander the city by night and dawn without an itinerary

We know it’s difficult to wake up early while on vacation. But if you do, you’ll see a Venice clam, serene, and timeless that will surely be worth the wake up call.


3-See Venice by water

You can take a ride on a gondola, maybe not the conventional and overcrowded area of San Marco, paddle on a kayak, or even choose a traditional boat for an excursion.


2- Read a book in one of the public parks or gardens

In Venice you need a break from time to time, especially if you walk a lot during the summer. There are different parks and some public gardens that are very relaxing. Enjoy them.


1-Listen to a concert with a panoramic view of the Lagoon in San Giorgio

Just recently renovated, you can’t find anything like it anywhere.  The pleasure of listening to the music with a view of the Lagoon is magical.

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