5 Reasons to visit Venice during the Venice Film Festival

venice film festival

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Everybody loves the movies. It entertains us, makes us cry and laugh, moves us and leaves us open mouthed. Just like a vacation in Venice might do. So why not unite the two things that go so well already together?

Every year, at the end of August and beginning of September, for eleven days the Venice Film Festival is held on the island of Lido and organized by the Biennale foundation. It’s the oldest Film Festival in the world. (The first edition was held in 1932.) Here are five good reasons not to miss out on the event or at least a few reasons to include it on your Venetian Itinerary.

1 – Your favorite Celebrity is just an arm reach away

Stars from all over the world drop in Lido during those days. Not only movie stars but even some of your favorite TV stars) With a little bit of luck you can see them arrive in all their glory by water taxi or move about the Cinema Palace at the Casino for press conferences. But the most glamorous moment is the one on the red carpet that precedes the showing of movies in the Sala Grande: a Hollywood event in grand style between photographs and signatures. Check the program to see the movies and who will be showing up that night.

2 – The Charming Lido of once upon a time 

For almost all of the 1900’s Lido has been a privileged destination for European aristocrats and not only.  The beaches, the Grand Hotels, the most incredible parties and a concentration of famous people from all over the world. During the Film Festival history seems to be repeating itself and the atmosphere illuminates the Hotel Excelsior.

3 – Talk about the movies with fans from all over the world

If you love the movies, just a few minutes away from Venice you have the possibility to see a lot of them showing for the first time (so you can make your friends and family jealous at home) but you can also meet young and not so young experts of the seventh art that arrive in Venice from all over the world to comment and the world and the movies in and out of the competition. Aperitif  hour is full of stimulating and interesting people that have in mind movies, obviously.   

4 – Parties at the end of Summer

Even if you’re not interested in cinema there are still some nice parties on the beach you shouldn’t pass up. The most glamorous parties aren’t accessible to normal people (oftentimes there are parties on yachts docked in front of San Marco or parties in the Palaces that face the Grand Canal.)  During these days that mark the end of Summer the whole island of Lido is full of fun and alternative parties.

5 – Sala Rossa

If you love the movies, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money for the Sala Grande, apart from the showing in PalaBiennale, beginning this year there is a new place in front of the Casino: the Sala Rossa that offers 3 tickets costing 3 euros during the day and free showings and get togethers in the evening.  Don’t miss out.

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