5 Things to do in case of high water in Venice

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Autumn: and so it begins. We’ve already reviewed this phenomenon. But when it hits, it hits.  But what can we do when it happens?

Have some rain boots on hand

We are pretty sure that you don’t usually carry rain boots in your luggage. Which is an obvious statement when going on vacation, but in Venice especially during fall and winter it may be handy. The best thing to do is to have them in case you encounter high water. Don’t trust those big plastic bags that people try to sell you on the streets: they degrade the city and will get you wet. You can find in different stores and hardware shops the classic rubber boots, that might cost a little more than the plastic bags, but at least they’ll do their job and you’ll feel more integrated with the locals.

Consult the High Tide Center (Centro Maree)

High water in Venice always makes the news. You’ll hear about it in all the national news channels. But the best source, when in doubt, is to consult the Centro Maree website (almost always reliable). We’ve already seen there are various apps with the same information that are practical and easy to use.

Choose the best places to admire this unique phenomenon without being in the way

High water is a unique spectacle to experience, especially for those who are forced to deal with it in their daily life when it happens. For this reason in order experience high water calmly and surely, it’s best to find places less frequented so you won’t be in the way of the general flow of traffic.  Fondamente are probably the best places: the limit between the street and the canal is a spectacle but make sure to walk close to the wall.

Be Patient

In six hours the tide goes down and in another six hours it goes up: it’s the rule that governs the tide. Which means – in most cases- you’ll have sufficient time in between the rise and fall of the tide to visit a museum without getting your feet wet. If high water happens in the nocturnal hours- even better- Venice by night is exquisitely enchanting.

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