Autumn in Venice: Nothing is Better

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Even though there are numerous rainy days, high tide and some fog, autumn in Venice can give you a mountain worth of unexpected pleasures. Waiting for the “Summer of Saint Martin”, is hard to find in this intensely cold period. Oftentimes during October and November, apart from the shorter days, you can find many activities available outdoors, activities you might usually plan to do in spring or summer.

Dinner Outdoors

You’re still in time to enjoy a romantic dinner under candlelight in one of the outdoor spaces in Venice. Sitting alongside a rio, a campo or in one of the amazing alleys in Venice. Mild temperatures, magical lighting, and one of a kind settings set the atmosphere and guarantee a memorable moment.

Visit the Biennale

These are the last days to see the Biennale of art or architecture exhibition depending on the year. The humid summer days are long gone, so you can walk along the Biennale Pavilions- even the ones scattered about the city- without worrying about the heat or sun and you can fully enjoy this marvelous unforgettable manifestation called the Biennale.

“Traditional” Shopping

For who love shopping in Venice you will find bread for your teeth. But far away from the prestigious boutiques, from the big brand names and the major fashion houses, there is a little universe of local stores. The stores are comprised of Venetian artisans ready to give you the best the city has to offer. This is the “good” shopping that will give you much more satisfaction and will contribute to making your memories in more significant (since they are unique to the city.)

Try Rowing

It’s always a wonderful experience, even if you don’t know how to row. Let yourself be transported by the amazing views the city has to offer. What will really help you see this- is experiencing the city by water. There are professionals who can help you learn to row the traditional way but if you prefer, you can choose to cruise the Venetian canals with a wooden motorized boat.



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