Bàcaro tour? This is how you do it in Venice

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Maybe you’ve never heard about it, or maybe they have told you by the dozens: Bàcaro tour, a typical and characteristic ritual that when all is said and done it’s impossible to escape. 


The best about the Bàcaro tour is that you can adjust it to your personal intentions, expectations, or taste.  But what is this elusive Bàcaro tour? And what is a Bàcaro? Venice – and all of the Veneto region – isn’t only famous for its beauty and uniqueness but for its habitants passion for good food, and above all good wine.  Bàcari are nothing more than traditional Venetian osterie, restaurants typically known for offering an ombra (glass of wine) and a place to taste cicchetti (venetian culinary specialties).


The Bàcaro tour by consequence has an itinerary that crosses throughout the city in various places. So the difficult part isn’t finding some of them, but more so the complicated selection of those that best suit your tastes. From the historical ones like Ruga Rialto or Ai do Mori to the more “modern” ones like Bancogiro or Al squero.


On this map you can find many (divided by quarters) even if a complete count of the bàcari would result impossible.  What’s important is that the wine and food are consumed at the bar while standing so to be ready to leave for the next stop. If you love good wine you can include even excellent wineries in your tour.


In any case, the Bàcaro tour becomes an excuse to visit the city, in a less touristic way by experiencing an authentic Venetian atmosphere.  Surely, in every bàcaro you will find many inhabitants of the island intent on having a traditional: ombra and cicchetto. 


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