When to book your vacation to Venice

prenotare vacanza venezia

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You’ve been thinking about it for awhile and now you’ve decided: the time has come to vacation in Venice. It’s a dream come true. All of the virtual images of the city on water are soon going to be real and unforgettable memories.

Excited or anxious for your trip? In order to put all your doubts to rest, it’s best you book your trip to Venice in advance. The decision has been made to travel, now all is needed is to reserve. If it is the first time visiting Venice there’s a lot of information to go over and plans to be made to make your vacation a perfect one.

Most of all the booking and reserving depends on the type of travelers you are. Do you plan in advance every detail? Do you prefer to go with the flow? Do you prefer major attractions? Museums? Unseen areas? Every vacation can be a different experience.

Choosing when to visit is important

If you can only get time off from work during the summer then there is little to choose. Book plane, train and public transportation tickets in time because if not you are bound to pay expensive prices.  Easyjet offers low cost tickets for Venice (although many big airlines have good offers in Europe from Alitalia to Air France) while Trenitalia and Italo offer excellent deals when bought in advanced.

But if you can choose your dates to visit Venice, try coming when there are less people: sometime between New Years and Carnival, you’ll spend less and you’ll find a beautiful city.

Choosing where to stay is fundamental

If there is one thing Venice isn’t lacking it’s choosing a place to stay. There are too many hotels in Venice. Which one is right for you? It can be a difficult choice to make and often times a little risky. Many offer quality service (at high prices) while others promise less than what they actually offer.

If you prefer more liberty in doing things, an apartment is more suited for your needs. But how and where to choose one? First of all it’s best to book though official websites, since third party sites usually have commission prices.  Most importantly what area would like to sojourn in: city center, but not too touristic, easy to reach but in characteristic zones. A good option would be a place like My Venice Apartment that can offer all of the above.

Venice is an icon in the world, symbol of artistic and architectural beauty, but there is more to it than the classical postcard image. Discover the city’s ins and outs without being in a rush, booking your vacation according to your personal needs, while keeping in mind the beauty of this marvelous island.

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