Ca’ Corner della Regina, between art and history

Ca' Corner della Regina

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It is one of the most impressive Palaces that face the Grand Canal and one of the most fascinating. It is impossible not to be stunned by its façade and its rigorous, robust development in height. Ca’ Corner della Regina has a long history, but its beauty has just recently been displayed to visitors.


Erected in a pre-existing building area commissioned by the noble Venetian family Corner in the beginning seventeen hundreds, Ca’ Corner della Regina is now in fact a prestigious Venetian headquarter for the Prada Foundation, cultural and artistic division for the historical maison of fashion.  Ca’ Corner della Regina hosts in fact prestigious exhibitions of contemporary art that are unavoidable for who in Venice searches for a perfect union of the past and present (full price ticket 10 euros).


Ca’ Corner della Regina is now a prestigious Venetian headquarter for the Prada Foundation


Access to the building, apparently hidden between tight winding alleys, in reality is found between Campo San Giacomo and the Rialto Bridge and very close to Campo San Polo and the Rialto Marketplace. If you like inaugurations and mundane events, the moment to visit Ca’ Corner della Regina is in May, in occasion of the grand openings of the international art exhibitions in Venice, when the lagoon fills with VIP and the degree of glamour in the city rises exponentially.


Ca’ Corner della Regina hosts in fact prestigious exhibitions of contemporary art


The Palace – that in the past was also the headquarters for the prestigious Historical Archives of the Biennale of Venice – deserves a visit even if only to admire the two theatrical and symmetrical staircases, aligned with the water entrance that connects the foyer on the second half of the stairs and to discover cover the stuccos and frescos on the upper floors.

Enter and live the opulent dwelling of the Nobile Venetians. Going back in time a couple centuries is a fun practice, just as standing on the balconies of the highest floors of Ca’ Corner della Regina.  Be bewitched by the spectacular view of the Grand Canal and the rooftops of palaces of the near Cannaregio neighborhood, across the canal.


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