Campo San Polo, when size matters

Campo San Polo

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Splendid squares are plenty in Venice. But Campo San Polo is the largest, apart from San Marco (but considered a piazza, the only piazza in the city). For once, even in Venice, size counts.

After having traversed the labyrinth of alleys and streets, to find yourself in front of a large open area of “masegni” (the art of laying stone) constitutes surely a rewarding and delightful interval.

During the centuries, this large space was used for various reasons: from the organizations of markets and flea markets or recreational activities of all types. And in fact, it is still that way. Nowadays there are particular events for the city. The summer outdoor cinema experience which has been recently closed, close to heart to the venetians (with the hope that it is reactivated soon) during the winter period instead, the center of  Campo San Polo becomes a splendid ice skating ring on ice for the older and young.


During the winter period instead, the center of  Campo San Polo becomes a splendid ice skating ring on ice


The Campo San Polo provides a perfect halfway break to relax, even sit on the various benches shaded by the thick green trees, when traveling the route of Dorsoduro and Santa Croce that lead to San Marco. A drink of fresh water at the fountain and maybe even a visit in the noteworthy church of San Polo, that hosts paintings of Veronese and Tiepolo, all sufficient motives to not pass up this space.


Campo San Polo provides a perfect halfway break to relax


In the center of the square is found one of the largest wells of the city, which is where, in the afternoon, it is easy to find numerous children intent on keeping this marvelous square alive with their games. Surrounding Campo San Polo are some restaurants, but if you like the tranquil atmosphere of a real campo, you can take advantage of the tables placed outside of the restaurant Birraria La Corte, even taste some dishes with fresh regional products or one of their pizzas with characteristic Venetian names.


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