What to do during Carnival in Venice 2018

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As Tradition would have it, from the 27th of January to the 13th of February is the carnival period this year. The Carnival of Venice attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. The theme this year is Creatum: Civitas Ludens and the program of events are anxiously anticipated, as always.

Once more the lagoon city will be filled with events in alleys, squares and palaces that are more or less official. There are those that prefer to experience the Carnival atmosphere exploring the city without planning in advanced or those that choose a particular event, a moment, a precise day to enjoy a taste of Carnival.

The opening and closing ceremonies, the whole parade, the parties and the events organized during the weekends are the classical happenings, the most popular and most attended by everyone: so be ready to deal with a lot of people intent on taking home an unforgettable memory from this much celebrated Venetian Carnival.

In between the many appointments offered at this time, one of the most loved ones would most definitely be the Venetian Festival on Water that opens carnival. As usual there will be a parade of allegoric boats along with artists and masked acrobats along the Rio of Cannaregio (An excellent idea is to book Ca’ Ciocche to be right in the middle of the action).

You’ll be bewildered by the “flights”: The Flight of the Angel, The Flight of the Eagle and the Flight of the Lion (svolo del leon in dialect.) All of the spectators in Saint Mark’s square will wait with their eyes pointed to the sky for the symbolic “flight” from the Saint Mark’s Bell Tower to the square.

For those who would like to party until late night without spending a fortune in the palace parties, the answer is an exciting evening of the Arsenale Carnival Experience.

The official program:

January 27th – The Venetian Festival on Water- part one

January 28th – The Venetian Festival on Water- part two

February 3rd – Corteo a Festa  delle Marie

Febuary 4th – Volo del Angelo (Flight of the Angel)

February 8th – Ballata delle Maschere con “Il taglio della testa al Toro” (Mascarade ball)

8-9-10th of February – Burano Carnival

8-9-10th of February – Fresch.In Festival Carnevale in Pescheria (Carnival festival at the Fish Market)

8-9-10-11-12-13th of February – Arsenale Carnival Experience

February 10th – Ballo del Doge (Doge’s Dance)

February 11th – Il volo dell’Aquila (Flight of the Eagle)

February 11th – Finale of competition of the best Mask/Costume

February 12th – Finale of competition of the best mask/Costume children

February 13th – Award Ceremony for the Maria Carnival 2018

February 13th – Svolo del Leon (Flight of the Lion)

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