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  • Venice is crowded? Discover it by night

    Have they told you that Venice is chaotic, that it is hard to cross, especially, during “high season” from Carnival to the autumn season. In fact, it’s true: Rialto, Saint Mark’s square and the surrounding areas are full of visitors in search of the beauty for which Venice is celebrated for all over the world. But if there was a way to enjoy the silence and splendor of the city even if you decide to discover Venice during a more crowded period? Continue reading

  • What to do in Venice with your Kids

    If you are planning a vacation to Venice with the whole family; possibly with the little ones, it’s important, first of all, to book the right apartment. (Have you seen our Family Apartment?) You can research itineraries or experiences suitable for your older or little ones.   

    Fortunately things to do in Venice with the little ones are numerous. Continue reading

  • Visiting Venice with Children

    You’ve chosen to vacation in Venice with the whole family? Good choice. And if you’ve chosen Family Apartment of My Venice Apartment, you couldn’t have chosen better!  Venice is the perfect city to visit together- with so much to discover- for the whole family. Continue reading

  • The beauty of Venice in January

    Venice is always beautiful in fact, unique. Every season has its hues, every month has its particularities, but there is always a new perspective, an excuse to take advantage of something we haven’t before, frankly, it’s just another perfect reason to visit Venice again. Continue reading

  • What isn’t said about Venice

    Everything has been said about Venice. More than enough. But oftentimes, it’s usually about the same things repeated over and over. Just like the usual pictures of the city on water, even though they may differ only a little they are still beautiful no matter how “post card” they may appear. Nonetheless there is a hidden angle to be discovered in Venice that will take your breath away. Continue reading

  • Discovering the “stumbling stone” in Venice

    For those who choose to visit Venice, it is a city that offers many opportunities to decipher its ways. Every angle, every palace, church, alley, or campiello holds history (some more than just one story) The fascinating city on water seems to never grow tired. Nonetheless  “recent” history, one that is nothing near romantic –but quite the opposite- is still very important to remember and is hidden within this city. Continue reading

  • Why sleep in Venice when visiting the city

    It seems obvious. When you decide to visit one of the most unique cities in the world as Venice, it would seem necessary to spend at least a couple nights on the island. If you choose to sojourn in an apartment or find other solutions, the best way to apprehend the cities magical atmosphere would be to live it 24-7,seizing its many facades and infinite hues.  Continue reading