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  • tabarro best venetian shops

    The best original Venetian Stores

    You’ve finally arrived in Venice. Exactly: it’s just as you imagined.  The city on water continues to be a surprise, every corner gives a new emotion to feel. It’s natural, even if you’ve just recently arrived, you are already thinking about the nostalgia you’ll have for the island when leaving. The remedy? Visit some of the best shops to purchase items to remember your Venetian stay.  Continue reading

  • venetian traditional dishes

    The best traditional Venetian dishes

    You can say a lot about Venetians, but you can’t say that don’t love to eat and drink well. They may not be gourmand recipes – in fact often the ingredients are of a poor nature – but the satisfaction in tasting the most exquisite traditional Venetian plates is guaranteed. We’ve seen how to choose the best restaurants in Venice and some of the best cicchetti, so here then are couple suggestions in ordering the best meals in restaurants, especially if you want to experience the city’s culinary atmosphere.  Continue reading

  • venetian cicheti

    Top 10 Best Venetian cicchetti (and where to eat them)

    Where to eat in Venice? But most importantly, what to eat? These are frequently asked questions, so don’t worry. There are those who love to immerse themselves in the traditional cuisine, those who look for a more international cuisine, those who prefer full course meals in elegant restaurants, and well those who don’t have the time to sit down because the city is too beautiful and deserves exploring in depth. If it is your habit to eat something quick, but savory, that is both traditional and made with territorial ingredients, bacari (typical Venetian bars) and cicchetti (venetian snacks) are just for you. Here are some suggestions on where to taste a few Venetian delicacies.

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  • venice without stress

    How to Visit Venice stress free

    How beautiful is Venice? Well, a lot, no doubt. You have to visit it at least once in your life. And the time that you do, it shouldn’t be stressful it should be a perfect vacation in a unique reality. The first step to doing so is to think of the city as a living entity, and not just an open museum.  Continue reading

  • fondamenta zattere

    The Zattere: A Venetian Stroll at Sunset

    What is better, possibly at spring, than a serene and romantic stroll during sunset? Especially when the view includes magnificent Venetian architecture, the island of Giudecca with two of the most beautiful churches – Redentore and San Giorgio – with Palladian facades. Let’s not forget the glorified finale of facing the San Marco Basin. So without a doubt: having a walk on the Zattere is good for your eyes and soul. Continue reading

  • Venice when it rains

    5 things to do in Venice when it rains

    Of course, Venice is a city on water, but finding yourself on a rainy vacation isn’t the best. Fortunately, an island with centuries of history and infinite artistic resources doesn’t shy away from a storm or a couple days of bad weather. So here are some suggestions on what to do when it rains in Venice.

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  • Campo Santa Margherita

    Venice by night in Campo Santa Margherita

    Where do you go out at night in Venice? When you hear this question, the first answer is Campo Santa Margherita. Since forever, this beautiful campo in the heart of the Dorsoduro quarternot only represents the principle pathway to the Zattere and Accademia but also the perfect place to meet up and enjoy the city until late. Continue reading

  • visiting Venice

    How to prepare yourself when visiting Venice

    Here we go. Tickets in hand. Reservations made and expectations high! You are about to visit Venice, I mean its no Detroit (with all respect). If you have already visited, by now you can’t get enough; but if it’s your first time in Venice, here then is a few suggestions to experience your vacation to the max!

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  • venice

    Venice’s Secret

    Amongst the infinite Italian marvels, there is a small island in the northeast that hides a great secret. Millions of people every year visit it.  Everyone in the world knows of it. Try showing a picture of St. Marks square to a Japanese child or an elderly Brazilian, trust me they will recognize it to be Venice.  Continue reading