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  • What to do in Venice with your Kids

    If you are planning a vacation to Venice with the whole family; possibly with the little ones, it’s important, first of all, to book the right apartment. (Have you seen our Family Apartment?) You can research itineraries or experiences suitable for your older or little ones.   

    Fortunately things to do in Venice with the little ones are numerous. Continue reading

  • Visiting Venice with Children

    You’ve chosen to vacation in Venice with the whole family? Good choice. And if you’ve chosen Family Apartment of My Venice Apartment, you couldn’t have chosen better!  Venice is the perfect city to visit together- with so much to discover- for the whole family. Continue reading

  • Trip to the lighthouse in Venice

    When you decide to visit Venice it’s never a mistake. A vacation to this city is a unique and sure source of emotions and unforgettable memories. But how well do we know Venice? Just like many other historically and culturally rich cities, a few days aren’t enough to grasp the essence of this unique city. But we can try. Continue reading

  • Discovering the “stumbling stone” in Venice

    For those who choose to visit Venice, it is a city that offers many opportunities to decipher its ways. Every angle, every palace, church, alley, or campiello holds history (some more than just one story) The fascinating city on water seems to never grow tired. Nonetheless  “recent” history, one that is nothing near romantic –but quite the opposite- is still very important to remember and is hidden within this city. Continue reading

  • When it snows in Venice

    It doesn’t happen often, so it’s good to remember when it does. It’s not easy in fact for Venice to have the right climate factors for a good old snowfall. Oftentimes, even during the coldest winters, you will only get a glimpse of a few snowflakes falling that never stick to the alleys or square floor and it won’t be able to stick on the rooftops are bell towers either. But when it does actually snow in Venice, the spectacle is amazing. It’s good to remember that in case of snow (but not only), you better book something in the historical center, it’s the best choice to avoid delays and inconveniences due to the difficult connections with the mainland. Continue reading

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    The Beauty of Venice in October

    Oh Autumn. If the only thing that comes to mind is that it is the melancholic season that leads to winter, you may risk losing unique moments or priceless ones that would make your vacation in Venice extra special.  In fact the lagoon, during this time still guarantees beautiful days, mild temperatures, and various palettes of spectacular colors.  Continue reading

  • What to do during May in Venice

    Now it’s time to get serious, spring is in its prime and Venice blooms in full beauty. Well, Venice is always beautiful, in all seasons, and this much we know. But for those that love mild temperatures, the longer days and fervor during this time makes May a month worth visiting. Don’t expect a Venice with relatively few tourists like during the beginning of the year, expect to share the marvelous lagoon island with many other fans of this city. Continue reading

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