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    Corte dei Santi: book your free gondola ride

    Oh Venice. Imagining what it might be like to spend a day in the city’s lagoon is surprisingly easy. The placid canals, the labyrinth like alleys and that indescribable atmosphere that only Venice can offer, is an excellent reason to get going on booking your apartment for your next vacation on the Venetian island. Continue reading

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    San Martino in Venice isn’t Halloween

    The 31st of October to the 11th of November is a special time for children. This party time doubles in fact. The children in Venice awaited impatiently the traditional San Martino festival so that they could parade around the city asking stores for candy or coins. Today with the recent celebration of Halloween- of very different origins- but with similar traditions- the children can have twice the fun. Continue reading

  • Burano

    A day in Venice: Burano

    Burano is the island of merletti (lace) and Bussolà, of fishermen and colored houses and is without a doubt one of the many Oases found in Venice that you can’t pass up seeing.  A visit is obligatory, best to go during the less touristic periods or the weekdays.  Continue reading

  • Sant’Erasmo: The Vegetable Garden of Venice

    It isn’t important how beautiful Piazza San Marco is, the Rialto Bridge or the Grand Canal, a visit to Sant’Erasmo is worth it. It isn’t so much the island that deserves being seen but rather you deserve to see it.  Hidden between the barena, protected by the northern lagoon, Sant’Erasmo is a green paradise. Continue reading

  • torcello

    A day in Venice: Torcello

    It is one of the most popular islands in Venice along with Murano and Burano, oftentimes the touristic tours organize a one day visit to all three islands.  But Torcello, even though it is very small deserves a detailed and unrushed visit, if nothing more than to admire the first settlement of the Venetian lagoon. Continue reading

  • What to do during May in Venice

    Now it’s time to get serious, spring is in its prime and Venice blooms in full beauty. Well, Venice is always beautiful, in all seasons, and this much we know. But for those that love mild temperatures, the longer days and fervor during this time makes May a month worth visiting. Don’t expect a Venice with relatively few tourists like during the beginning of the year, expect to share the marvelous lagoon island with many other fans of this city. Continue reading

  • Why Love Venice in the Autumn

    There are many ways- and periods to enjoy Venice. Everyone tends to have their favorite season, the one that puts them at ease, the one that satisfies their body and soul. So why not combine these moments with a trip to the lagoon? If autumn is on your side, you are lucky: Venice is amazing during this season. Continue reading

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    Venice for Everyone: Itinerary for special needs

    Venice is splendid and unique. It is a concentration of architectural marvels and engineering challenges. (Just think the whole city rests on a forest of wooden pillars.) Obviously over the years its peculiarity has rendered it even more special and interesting. Yet there are those that because of its lack of cars, the many bridges (more than 400) have found it too “difficult” to appreciate especially for those with physical handicaps.  Continue reading

  • A sustainable vacation in Venice

    Those who choose My Venice Apartment favor a type of vacation that doesn’t cater to the usual tourist. It’s a slow type of trip in discovering Venice. And we are proud of this Venice; this is why we suggest you visit Venice during the low season (not in the summer.) Not only because you can discover a different Venice but a more authentic less crowded one so you can feel the true nature of this island of the lagoon. Continue reading

  • Why visit Venice in September

    We know you don’t always get to choose when you have time off. But for those who have a choice, visiting Venice in September is an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up. The days are less humid and the sunsets are unique hues of orange and the rhythm of the city has remarkably cut down compared to the crowded summer period. Continue reading