Discover Venice’s Coast from Chioggia to Carole

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There is beauty that surrounds Venice that is often times not considered. The image of the most beautiful city on water city is generally so important that everything surrounding it doesn’t get its rightful visibility.

If you are thinking of vacationing in Venice or if you want to learn more about the territory in which the city you want to visit lies, there are many locations that can be reached thanks to daily excursions or itineraries that you can connect with when sojourning in Venice.

We’ve already spoken of the marvelous Chioggia, the “little Venice” in the southern part of the lagoon. But many areas of the Venetian coast are breathtakingly beautiful.  To help remind us there is a video from “Regione Veneta” entitled –The land of Venice- that promotes the treasures found along the coast of this region. Here is the video, a must see:

From Jesolo, Cavallino, Tre Porti, Da San Michele to Tagliamento to Bibione, Carole and Eraclea, from Porto Tolle and Porto Viro a Rosolina, the Venetian coast has to offer amazing beaches for the summer season, but also incredible naturalistic itineraries, historical routes and untouched landscapes to discover all season long.

In short time all these locations can be easily reached from Venice with either public transportation, by renting a car, or a bike ride.

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