What do you eat in Venice during winter?

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Every season has a special menu, even in Venice and fish is always a main ingredient (we are on an island.) All regions have different delicacies to offer.  For Christmas and New Year’s lunch there are traditional dishes to serve for everyone.  Winter is full of Venetian recipes that are delicious and don’t mind the cold. (Canoce are amazing aren’t they?).

Venetian Liver

Figà àea Venessiana: that’s how the venetians call the traditional dish that represents the whole Veneto region. The Venetian liver has two main ingredients: liver and onions. Traditionally liver pork was used but today veal and cow are more communally used, since it has a milder taste. As for onions there’s no exception: white onions from Chioggia, a rare and particular delicacy.

Seppie in Nero

Cuttlefish in their ink aka Sepe in Venetian dialect, is a dish that is always found on venetian tables, especially during winter. The cuttlefish in its ink will leave you awed by its completely black appearance and is always included with a side of polenta.

Filet of San Pietro

The San Piero fish, in English known as John Dory or Peter’s fish, is a lean fish that is tasty and perfect for everyone.  During the winter it is deliciously combined with seasonal vegetables while baking it in the oven proves to accentuate its delicate taste. You will definitely find it in some of the best restaurants in Venice.


Pannocchie or cannocchie in Italian, but really a type of crayfish found in the lagoon, are best to taste when the water temperatures lower. In fact, the colder the lagoon, the better. It’s a must to try when in Venice. You will definitely find them boiled in all the typical mix of fish appetizers on the menu in Venetian restaurants. We also suggest you head to the fish market in rialto to see them live at the fishmongers’ stands.  They  are a rare delicacy.

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