Fantastic Animals and where to find them (in Venice)

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No it’s not another novel by J.k. Rowling. In reality, Venice has many fantastic animals just under our noses. It’s not a trick or a ploy: The magic in Venice is real just like the numerous little animals that live in it are whether they’re in the placid canals or in the hidden bell towers. This too is Venice.

We’ve already established that Venice is shaped like a fish. Well, actually we could almost convince you Venice is like a cat. Its clever and free like character resembles that of a feline.  A docile city that is ready to pounce and claw when needed. The many cats that roam Venice’s alleys and fondamente searching for rays of light to sunbathe in or a comfy spot to pass the afternoon hours. They aren’t stray-cats either; they simply want to enjoy Venice’s beauty before returning to their comfortable apartments where they reside. If you’d like to find an example of one of these cats just visit the legendary Acqua Alta Bookstore.

You might not know but there are a lot of fish in Venice as well, the water might not be as crystal clear as the lakes in the Dolomites  (absolutely forbidden to take a swim) but there are some mullet fish and go fish that swim along the calmer canals. If you want to be sure to see some fish just throw some bread crumbs for the carps found in the Ca’ Rezzonico fountain, or just count the many fish in the Via Garibaldi fountain (and don’t forget the large turtles that reside there as well.)

Moving about the less frequented canals, if you’re lucky you’ll run into the many different splendid species of birds that live in Venice and make nests in the city center. It wont be too difficult to spot a Grey Heron taking flight in Sant’Alvise or a Cormorant intent on fishing behind the Arsenale. A marvelous spectacle that is totally in contrast with Venice and the daily tourism that crowds and consumes it.

These are just a few examples, but if you plan to take a trip in the different minor islands in the lagoon, you’ll find so many fantastic animals. Just keep your eyes open.

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