What to do when it gets dark early in Venice

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There are times when even in Venice it can get very cold. It’s the days when winter is prominent and winds from the north will take the temperatures close to zero.  Other times, it’s the fog that gets under your skin, creating a suggestive atmosphere that is not always comfortable.

In these rigid winter days, when the sun sets early and the warm lights from the balconies of the homes around you seem like little Christmas luminaries, you have to find something warm for encouragement before continuing your journey through the city. 

Listening to a concert in a bàcaro

There are many ways to listen to music in Venice. There are classical institutional concerts, those of grand theaters and musical festivals; then there are those that are more intimate and vivacious that many of the local bars organize during the week and weekend. Jazz, Blues, Rock and Ethnical music: you will find a little of everything, both with local bands or international artists. Try checking the Facebook pages of bars like H2 NO in Rialto or Basegò in San Tomà, not to mentions Wednesdays at Da Filo in San Giacomo. Good music and good aperitifs will change your day for the better.

Drinking a cocktail on the footprints of Marco Polo

An aperitif, however cold or hot Venice is, remains a fixed reference point after a day in the lagoon. If you would like to try something different, experiment with an alcoholic trip on the route of Marco Polo, the famous Venetian explorer that opened the first trade routes with China. At the Frari, Al Mercante offers a selection of particular cocktails inspired by those trips: perfumes of spices and history.

A warm tea in the right place

You have walked through the city till the sun has started to set. And in the winter-time this happens quite early. You need a break. Why not treat yourself and recharge your batteries before heading out in alleys and campielli before dinner? Your apartment is surely the best place. All the lodgings of My Venice Apartment offer welcoming spaces where you can relax and cuddle in during winter.

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