Journey to the Punta della Dogana and Dancing with Myself

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So many museums in Venice, so many possibilities to plan an itinerary to discover history and art. In the end though, there comes a time when everyone at some point in time during their trip on the island have to make a chioce: unfortunately you can’t see, do, or visit everything. But with all the choices there is always the beauty of the Punta della Dogana and its temporary exhibitions. 

In a decisively fascinating position, at the tip of the Dorsoduro quarter, Punta della Dogana is not only a recently renovated museum from the Pinault Foundation (and architect Tadao Ando) but it is also a symbolic area for Venice because of its location, for its form and for its history. This magnificent “triangular” isosceles is oriented towards the San Marco basin, right at the opening of the Grand Canal. In the XV century it was the headquarters of the dogana da mar (customs from the sea), which was first located at the Arsenale. The custom station at the Punta della Dogana, intricately tied with the city’s history was so up until the nineteen-eighties.

From 2009 Punta della Dogana became the center of contemporary art worldwide. From the 8th of April 2018 until the 16th of December 2018) these spaces will host the collective show of “Dancing with Myself” curated by Martin Bethenod and Florian Ebner. Launched by the collaboration between Pinault Collection and Musuem Folkwang of Essen, “Dancing with Myself” investigates the primordial importance of the representation of oneself in the artistic production of the seventies and today with the role of the artist as a protagonist and object in the piece of art.

The exhibition accompanies the visitors through four themes that develop in a fluid path in the spaces of Punta della Dogana- Melancholy, Identity Games, Political Autobiographies, and Prime Material- with 145 art pieces with a nucleus of over 100 works of the Pinault Collection.

In addition to the works of art exposed, Punta della Dogana is an incredible panoramic observatory towards the Grand Canal and the Giudecca Canal, displaying an unmatchable glimpse of the city through ample windows that open externally.   


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