The Red Benches of Venice

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As soon as you happen upon them, both tourists and Venetians are happy. They are the red benches of Venice, protected areas where you can relax for a little after a long walk through alleys and campielli or simply sit in a perfectly colorful outpost to contemplate the Marciana city. 

Flaming red, almost always in prestine shape, these benches adorn many squares on the island, even some of the more hidden ones, and more.  They are found in all the green parts of the city- public parks and gardens- where many are placed under trees so that you can enjoy peaceful moments away from the crowded streets.

Sometimes you’ll find these red benches facing placid canals or overlooking marvelous panoramas, making them privileged points to observe the city. For example the solid stone benches lined along the Fondamenta delle Zattere that begin from San Basilio almost up until the Punta della Dogana conterpose the red benches lined along the fondamenta across the large canal of the Giudecca, opposite side. The different benches of material and perspective challenge themselves for the better view while continuing to mark Venice’s beauty.

A suggestion, possibly a little banal, but most definitely worth it, is to dedicate some of your day to these benches during your stay in Venice. Try sitting on one of the ones outlining campos, where you’ll find an elderly Venetian intent on reading his newspaper. Take a break and breathe in the peacefulness of Venice while sitting on one of the red benches whether it be in the spacious campo of San Polo, in the beautiful campo of San Giacomo or even San Giovanni e Paolo as well as in Campo Bandiera e Moro and Santa Margherita.

Rest-up on one of the benches found on the long tree-lined road that takes you from Via Garibaldi to the Biennale and be immersed in contemporary art. If you continue onwards you’ll find the only grassy campo in Venice named San Piero de Casteo. There too you should take a couple seconds to sit on one of the red benches and reflect on the marvelous island that is Venice.

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