What is the Serenissima Republic of Venice?

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If you have happened to read anything pertaining to Venice before planning a trip here, you most likely have come across the term Serenissima Republica- it is part of the island’s epic history and some of the most exciting events that today would be impossible to repeat. 

Today we know Venice as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, loved and cherished by all who visit. Its merits and uniqueness are due to its particular conformation and the marvelous manifestations of palaces, churches and monuments erected on water.

But behind this beauty is more, much more; a millennium history rich of an extraordinary past and the islands of the lagoon that surround it. From the first settlements of people who fled the barbaric invasions of the 5th century (the foundation is dated 451 AD.) Venice has grown and expanded its greatness during the centuries. From the Roman Empire and Oriental Empire it became an autonomous Ducato, right before the year 1000.

The strategic position, its nautical ability, the modern and lengthy political views, quickly brought the agglomerated islands of Venice as one of the most prosperous and modern Republics in Europe: that is, The Republica Serenissima

Under the care of Saint Mark, patron of the city and the city’s symbol of the winged lion throughout the years represented the power Venice held over the seas, from the Mediterranean to Costantinopolis (Today Istanbul) but also the Italic mainland, reaching almost Milan. A rich and articulate history that in its own way helps portray the splendor of Venice.

A state city, a Marine Republic with a modern juridical system was avant-garde in its time. The city had an innate propensity for commerce and was an unexpected power for its dimensions, would only feel pressure by the powerful Napoleon in the beginning 1800’s. This and much more was the Serenissma Republic of Venice.

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