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  • What to do in Venice with your Kids

    If you are planning a vacation to Venice with the whole family; possibly with the little ones, it’s important, first of all, to book the right apartment. (Have you seen our Family Apartment?) You can research itineraries or experiences suitable for your older or little ones.   

    Fortunately things to do in Venice with the little ones are numerous. Continue reading

  • Discovering the Perfume Museum in Venice

    There is definitely no shortage of museums in Venice. It is undoubtedly a perfect way to discover this marvelous city and experience the ancient customs through palaces and collections that represent the best art and culture that over the centuries has contributed to making Venice great. Continue reading

  • The Real Artistic Murano Glass

    Don’t trust the copies: Murano Glass is unique and easily recognizable. But let’s start from the beginning. During your Venetian vacation it is natural to desire a characteristic souvenir that is able to evoke many amazing memories from your unforgettable trip. There are many objects that can do the trick, but you are looking for the product that is certified Artistic Murano Glass. Continue reading

  • Discovering the “stumbling stone” in Venice

    For those who choose to visit Venice, it is a city that offers many opportunities to decipher its ways. Every angle, every palace, church, alley, or campiello holds history (some more than just one story) The fascinating city on water seems to never grow tired. Nonetheless  “recent” history, one that is nothing near romantic –but quite the opposite- is still very important to remember and is hidden within this city. Continue reading

  • Homo Faber in Venice

    Homo Faber is an inspiring exhibition of European craftsmanship, an international cultural event to showcase fine contemporary, traditional and rare craftsmanship and its link to the world of creativity and design. Encounter master artisans and discover their multifaceted know-how through live demonstrations as well as the latest virtual reality technology. Continue reading

  • Venice and the Music at the Squero’s Auditorium

    There is a magical place in Venice, where the water and the music meet, where traditions of the past and present meld in a sublime and poetic way: The auditorium at the Squero on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore. To witness a concert in the open spaces is an experience that you won’t easily forget, especially for those who love to uncover new perspectives and unconventional sights. Continue reading

  • The Biennale Dance 2018

    Fans of international contemporary dance unite and come to Venice for this event.  It’s here that from the 22nd of June until the 1st of July- The Inauguration of the 12th International Festival of Contemporary Dance will be held in Venice. An exclusive and not to be overlooked, not only by experts but even for those that would like to discover the various sectors of the Biennale of Venice that is most known for its celebrated Art and Cinema exhibitions. Continue reading

  • Journey to the Punta della Dogana and Dancing with Myself

    So many museums in Venice, so many possibilities to plan an itinerary to discover history and art. In the end though, there comes a time when everyone at some point in time during their trip on the island have to make a chioce: unfortunately you can’t see, do, or visit everything. But with all the choices there is always the beauty of the Punta della Dogana and its temporary exhibitions.  Continue reading

  • Don’t miss out on the Venice Architecture Biennale 2018

    Everyone stop, there’s the Biennale: an event that is a “can’t miss” for some and a perfect excuse to spend a couple days in Venice for others.  But no excuse is needed to visit the most beautiful city in the world, and so the biennale of Architecture 2018 becomes an easy destination for a perfect cultural vacation in the lagoon. Continue reading