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  • Discover Museums in Venice by Night

    It’s called “Museums in the moonlight” organized by the City Museums.  It’s a great idea that you’ll love right away.  If you want to enjoy the immeasurable artistic patrimony hosted in these Venetian Museums in a new atmosphere, but without the infinite long lines, why not visit them by night? Continue reading

  • venice for everyone

    Venice for Everyone: Itinerary for special needs

    Venice is splendid and unique. It is a concentration of architectural marvels and engineering challenges. (Just think the whole city rests on a forest of wooden pillars.) Obviously over the years its peculiarity has rendered it even more special and interesting. Yet there are those that because of its lack of cars, the many bridges (more than 400) have found it too “difficult” to appreciate especially for those with physical handicaps.  Continue reading

  • Murano

    A day in Venice: Murano

    Everyone knows about Murano. All over the world when it comes to glass (artistic glass.) It is the first to come to mind. Murano Chandeliers adorn the most luxurious apartments all over the world and in the houses of fortunate Venetians. But Murano is also one of the more residential islands of the lagoon, which makes it a lively and bustling little city in Venice. Continue reading

  • A sustainable vacation in Venice

    Those who choose My Venice Apartment favor a type of vacation that doesn’t cater to the usual tourist. It’s a slow type of trip in discovering Venice. And we are proud of this Venice; this is why we suggest you visit Venice during the low season (not in the summer.) Not only because you can discover a different Venice but a more authentic less crowded one so you can feel the true nature of this island of the lagoon. Continue reading

  • A day in Venice: Santa Croce

    We’ve gathered, there isn’t just Saint Mark’s Square in Venice. In our journey throughout this beautiful city we’ve already gone over brief itineraries to enjoy the hidden routes or the less crowded areas especially when visiting populated quarters like Cannaregio and Castello or lively quarters like San Polo and Dorsoduro. Continue reading

  • Where to go when Venice is packed

    Its happens, especially on weekends during peak season, that Venice is literally bombarded with people. It’s nothing new-Venice isn’t the only city of art, Italian or not, that experiences it.  Either way it must be taken into consideration and shouldn’t be discouraging; in fact it can be an opportunity to discover a different side or an alternative Venice.

    It doesn’t matter how many airplanes, ships or trains that can reach Venice daily: Venice has hidden corners, immaculate areas free of hoards of tourists that are just as splendid to discover. Continue reading

  • 5 Reasons to visit Venice

    At least once in your life, Venice should be seen. Everyone, those that have already seen it or those who dream of seeing it, will tell you that thousands of movies set in the lagoon aren’t enough, or the infinite photos or post cards can’t replace the real essence of this unique city, different from all the rest.

    There are many marvelous cities in the world, why choose Venice? It’s complicated to reach, difficult to cover, expensive, and crowded during peak season. And yet, its charm remains intact over time, like an inextinguishable burning flame. Continue reading

  • Chorus churches in Venice

    How many churches are there in Venice? Or really which ones are the most beautiful churches in Venice? We could count them-and possibly make a list of the top ten, but the truth is, each one is beautiful in it own way and represents an incomparable Venetian treasure. From the most celebrated Basilicas to the small and not so popular churches that you can see while walking along the city. Every church has artistic riches as well as praised architectural structures.  Continue reading

  • Venice: Discovering the Frari

    Churches are many, so many. You can find hidden ones, camouflaged ones between houses and palaces, magnificent and grand, ready to dominate the zone in which they are erected. If you observe the skyline of Venice you will see many bell towers of every size and of different heights that appear everywhere, signaling the unequivocal presence of its church. Continue reading

  • A day in Venice: Castello

    Here’s another stop during your trip in Venice, day by day, quarter by quarter. If you have enough time, a day dedicated to the                             Castello quarter is a must.  Here spaces are much bigger and the city seems to take on a different spirit, more authentic, especially for the many residents that populate it.  Continue reading

  • 10 Things to try while in Venice

    There are a million things to do in Venice. Or not any of them. Yep, that’s right, in a city like this one you don’t need to, “do something” to take home an unbelievable experience. What actually is worthwhile is experiencing the city without stress or pressure, and getting lost and and letting the little things surprise you, from unexpected moments or hidden alleys.  Continue reading

  • All the museums in Venice

    Like all big Italian cities of art- and in reality even the smaller ones in this beautiful country- Venice offers many types of museums, for all different tastes and cultural knowledge of both historical and contemporary times.  So here then is a general guideline of some of the many museums in Venice. Continue reading

  • A Day in Venice: San Marco

    Our trip continues to uncover Venice a little at a time, day by day, dividing up the time between the different quarters in this beautiful city. We’ve already reviewed what to visit in Dorsoduro and Cannaregio; now lets take a look at one of the most famous quarters of the island: San Marco. Continue reading