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  • natale a venezia

    Waiting for Christmas in Venice

    Christmas is always Christmas, but if you decide to travel for the holidays, destinations are always tricky to choose. If you’ve never thought of visiting Venice during the winter, then this moment is a perfect one to reconsider this city as a choice and evaluate the many opportunities this Christmas period has to offer to enjoy a special experience in Venice. Continue reading

  • san marco

    How to spend New Year’s in Venice

    There are things that at least once in your life, should be done. One of these things is to pass New Year’s in Venice. If in fact you have plans to spend time in Venice then why not choose the time of year that marks the beginning of a new one? But the reasons for visiting Venice during these days aren’t just astrological reasons.  Continue reading

  • urbani

    5 Venetian Presents for Christmas

    Christmas, time for presents, even in Venice. The lagoon city is not only a large and open museum, it’s artwork diffused in every corner, and a concentrated with centuries of history. Even today Venice continues to make unique traditions that celebrate the made in Italy signature and experience handcrafted items on the most famous island in the world.  Continue reading

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    What to do in Venice during the Christmas Holidays

    If you’ve chosen to visit Venice during Christmas, you won’t regret it. The Christmas period is perfect to enjoy a romantic vacation surrounded by a one-of-a-kind winter atmosphere. Don’t expect polar weather (temperatures rarely drop below zero) but if your lucky you’ll be able to see the beautiful city under a mantle of light snow.  Continue reading