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  • Venice: Traditional Feasts in August and September

    If you want to celebrate like the locals do, be sure to take part to these traditional festivals in your summer visit to Venice.
    Featuring something for everyone, in an almost country atmosphere – whether you’re into stories, music, theatre, video, cinema, food, charity and lotteries, religious functions, regattas, activities for children –  here’s our month-by-month guide to some of the best experiences coming in the summer to live the city’s water soul, like Venetians do. Continue reading

  • Discover the Venetian Delicacies

    Art, atmosphere and timeless beauty. Venice is surely all of this and much more. There are many secrets the island hides for those who are truly worthy and interested in discovering the essence of this amazing city. A few of these hidden treasures are found in the ancient monasteries and are literally ready to take you by the tongue. Venice in fact offers you delicious local foods that are exclusively from the lagoon. Here are some. Continue reading

  • erbe matte orto venezia

    Erbe Matte: In Venice there is an incredible garden

    Venice is an island (in fact it’s made up of a bunch of islands) with a dense and unique city built on calm water. For centuries, the sea was the most important resource for the city, even in regards to nutrition. Today the fish caught from the lagoon is considered the gastronomical excellence of Venetian cuisine, making the sea still an economic fortune in Venice. Continue reading

  • What (not) to Order in Venetian Restaurants

    On vacation, not everyone follows the same principles of dining in restaurants.  Rightly so,  everyone has their own tastes and habits. There are those who prefer familiar meals (from back home) or those who prefer an international cuisine or those who like to experiment new recipes and choose local traditional meals. Continue reading

  • 10 Things to try while in Venice

    There are a million things to do in Venice. Or not any of them. Yep, that’s right, in a city like this one you don’t need to, “do something” to take home an unbelievable experience. What actually is worthwhile is experiencing the city without stress or pressure, and getting lost and and letting the little things surprise you, from unexpected moments or hidden alleys.  Continue reading

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