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  • Ponte dei Sospiri

    The most famous bridges in Venice

    Almost all cities have bridges if built around a large river. But Venice? You can’t count how many bridges there are (well actually you can 400, 435 to be precise). There’s even a famous marathon that crosses many of them Su e Zo per I ponti (up and down the bridges). These Bridges, big or small made of wood or iron and mostly stone connect 121 islets that make Venice. We will highlight some of the most famous bridges even though there are many that deserve the same  attention.

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  • madonna de l'orto

    The most beautiful hidden campi in Venice

    Campi (squares) and campielli (smaller squares) are scattered about Venice. Traditionally in medieval times this term was diffused throughout all of Italy.  Today there are few examples found around in the peninsula (like campo De’ Fiori), substituted by “piazza”. On the otherhand Venice, a city that strives on being unique, there is only one Piazza – Piazza San Marco – and as for campos there are about a dozen.  Continue reading

  • gondola

    5 things to know about a Gondola

    Gondola. Try to think of another boat as well known as this one. Difficult right? The Gondola’s curves come to mind and everyone, at least once in their life, would like to go for a ride. The Gondola owes its popularity to the symbolic value it represents for Venice: an ingenious example of nautical engineering that quickly became an enduring success over the centuries.    Continue reading

  • spritz venezia

    Spritz in Venice: how to drink one?

    Did you know that drinking a spritz can be considered a rebellious act? Well, more or less. The aperitif Spritz is a Venetian must: take everything away from them but not their spritz. Often the drinks origins are confused with legends so much that in many cities in and out of  the Veneto region claim to be the birthplace. Continue reading

  • not like a tourist

    How to not look like a tourist in Venice

    Every year more that 24 million tourists arrive in Venice. That isn’t a few. And if you don’t want to feel like your part of the masses, there are certainly some tricks to adopt to not seem like a tourist in Venice (apart from booking a nice apartment in Venice instead of an anonymous hotel) and enjoy the satisfying and memorable “slow” vacation.  Continue reading

  • venetian traditional dishes

    The best traditional Venetian dishes

    You can say a lot about Venetians, but you can’t say that don’t love to eat and drink well. They may not be gourmand recipes – in fact often the ingredients are of a poor nature – but the satisfaction in tasting the most exquisite traditional Venetian plates is guaranteed. We’ve seen how to choose the best restaurants in Venice and some of the best cicchetti, so here then are couple suggestions in ordering the best meals in restaurants, especially if you want to experience the city’s culinary atmosphere.  Continue reading

  • venetian arsenale

    Find out what the Venetian Arsenal hides

    The Venetian Arsenal is one of the most incredible wonders of the city.  Its history is particular: for centuries it was the Republic’s focal power, the shipyard of the city, where all ship parts were assembled and built to dominate the Mediterranean Sea. It was a city within a city that during the golden years had thousands of workers.  Continue reading

  • venice festivals san giacomo

    Festivals not to miss in Venice

    They say that venetians aren’t left with many spaces to live in due to tourism. It’s true, but there are times when the few lagoon residents wouldn’t give up these moments for anything in the world. These are the festivals most loved and exactly here you can uncover the heart and soul of Music, good food, and an atmosphere unique to the world. They are the perfect ingredients to avoid the itineraries most known and a way to enjoy this very alive and genuine representation of this marvelous island. Here are the rendezvous not to be missed when in Venice:

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  • visiting Venice

    How to prepare yourself when visiting Venice

    Here we go. Tickets in hand. Reservations made and expectations high! You are about to visit Venice, I mean its no Detroit (with all respect). If you have already visited, by now you can’t get enough; but if it’s your first time in Venice, here then is a few suggestions to experience your vacation to the max!

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  • venice

    Venice’s Secret

    Amongst the infinite Italian marvels, there is a small island in the northeast that hides a great secret. Millions of people every year visit it.  Everyone in the world knows of it. Try showing a picture of St. Marks square to a Japanese child or an elderly Brazilian, trust me they will recognize it to be Venice.  Continue reading