The beaches in Venice

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When we think of Venice we automatically imagine its uniqueness and beauty. Even if we are well aware it’s an island, it’s hard to think that just a few meters from the city center there are beautiful beaches. 

Of course it’s no Venice beach California, but the Lido Island in Venice offers a long sandy coastline where you can go for a romantic walk or get sun during the summer. Most Venetian families traditionally rent a capanna (a small stable hut along the beach) for the beach season, which usually runs from mid-May to mid-September.

There are different ways to experience the beaches in Venice. You can relax by renting a lounge chair and umbrella or even choose a beach for you and your dog. Here are some suggestions:

The Beach is for everyone

During the good season, some of the beaches are reserved for the beach establishments, but don’t worry, fortunately there are beaches open to everyone.  The most popular one is Blue Moon, the closest to the Santa Maria Elisabetta waterbus stop, at the end of Gran Viale. It’s not very large but it is surely the easiest to reach. It also has a restaurant and bar. If you prefer calmer ambience you can walk for a few more minutes north, possibly on the shore towards Zona A and continue to San Nicoletto up until the dock and the Harbor entry.

If you love something different, head south, even by bike or bus where you can reach the characteristic area of the Murazzi  (fascinating artificial dock) and a little further is the Alberoni, where you can find nature and dunes.

The equipped beaches 

If you enjoy instead luxury and comfort you should go to the beach establishments in Lido. There are many of all types and sizes. With just a few euros you can rent a sunbed and umbrella and tan, which might be well deserved after days or weeks of walking in Venice.  The closest establishment is the one closer to Zona A, but there are many others that are calmer and more economical northbound.

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