The best traditional Venetian dishes

venetian traditional dishes

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You can say a lot about Venetians, but you can’t say that don’t love to eat and drink well. They may not be gourmand recipes – in fact often the ingredients are of a poor nature – but the satisfaction in tasting the most exquisite traditional Venetian plates is guaranteed. We’ve seen how to choose the best restaurants in Venice and some of the best cicchetti, so here then are couple suggestions in ordering the best meals in restaurants, especially if you want to experience the city’s culinary atmosphere. 



A must.  A delicacy you can’t pass up (unless you have a romantic date planned). Sarde in Saor are infact fried sardines immersed in an abundant amount of pickled onions (onions cooked on low heat with vinegar). Some recipes include raisons and pine nuts.  A classical and traditional plate.



A delicious appetizer that combines two typical Venetian ingredients: little shrimp fried and  set on a bed of soft yellow polenta (corn meal).  Some chef propose this traditional plate in a finger food version served in a small glass.



You unfortunately can’t find them all year round, usually during the colder months, if your lucky. Moleche are small green crabs that are exclusively caught having recently molted (lasts only a couple of hours). The shells are very soft and ideal for battering and frying. They are also filled with egg.



When it comes to risotto there are numerous recipes in Italy, but the Venetians finest is with gò (goby species) a typical fish found in the Venetian lagoon.



Another traditional recipe you can’t pass up: veal liver sautéed with white onions, olive oil and a splash of white wine at the end. A tasty dish not for everyone’s palette.



Inevitably found in all menus, the Venetian cuttlefish is cooked in many ways. But the most common way is in a pan with its ink, olive oil, garlic, parsley and white wine becoming a soft perfumed delicacy.

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