The Biennale Dance 2018

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Fans of international contemporary dance unite and come to Venice for this event.  It’s here that from the 22nd of June until the 1st of July- The Inauguration of the 12th International Festival of Contemporary Dance will be held in Venice. An exclusive and not to be overlooked, not only by experts but even for those that would like to discover the various sectors of the Biennale of Venice that is most known for its celebrated Art and Cinema exhibitions.

Directed by Marie Chouinard, the Dance Festival 2018 inaugurates in the name of Meg Stuart, Leone D’Oro Award winner, made famous for the important improvisation projects. She is the author of assoli, choreography ensemble, installations that are site-specific displayed in galleries and exhibitions like Document X of Kassel.

A ceremony will be held in honor of Meg Stuarts career Friday the 22nd of June at the Tesse Theatre in the Arsenale at 8 o’clock p.m. Following the Built to Last Show interpreted by her dance company Damaged Goods.

The Festival will give way to the union between Deborah Hay, the forerunner of the American “counterculture” collected by Judson Dance theatre and its postmodern outlook with the Dance perfection of Cullbergabaletten. It is the highest expression of modern dance, together with Figure a Sea and the music of another great experimenter, Laurie Anderson.

There will be contemporary flamenco by Israel Galvàn, the “choreography-concerts” by Frédérick Gravel, the combination of dance, music, and theatre of Jacques Poulin-Denis and the anti- choreographer of Xavier Le Roy.

Participating in the festival is the performer Mette Ingvartsen, and the first Italian premiere of To Come (extended) will be in Venice. List of performers include Jan Ritsema, Bojana Cvejic, and the same Xavier Le Roy, Boris Charmatz, as well as Francesca Foscarini and Irina Baldini, both at the biennale with a Dittico (diptych).

Another affair to discover is the choreography as a social experience in the piece by Faye Driscoll, a Bessie Award and Doris Duke Artist Award winner, for the first time in Italy with Thank you for Coming: Attendace and the energy and vitality of the capoverdiana Marlene Montiero Freitas. The latter awarded new talent with the Leone d’Argento (Silver Lion.) Present once again is another talented Marie Chouinard, after twenty years from her first creations Les Solos 1978-1998 (presented at the Beinnale in 1999.)

In the afternoon of June 22nd (4 p.m. Marceglia Gardens-Arsenale) there will be screening a number of films that will continue to show cyclically throughout the duration of Biennale Dance (22nd of June>1st of July) with full-length films relative not only to dance, but to movement, rhythm, and body.

Information and Selling points

La Biennale di Venezia- Ca’Giustinian (mar.>sab., 10.00>17.00) or>>

Venezia Unica (P.le Roma, Lido S.M.E., Ferrovia, P.zza San Marco, Tronchetto, Rialto, Accademia, Tessera, Mestre, Dolo, Sottomarina)


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