The Dolomites seen from Venice


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If something or anything could match the beauty of Venice than it is rightfully the Dolomites. It is a protected natural landmark of UNESCO that Mother Nature created. But with beauty comes competition: Beauty is Universal. And if instead you could sum up these wonders? (All those terrific images are by Nicolò Miana, great venetian photographer. Visit


We Venetians are bias without a doubt. We love Venice and we enjoy her daily. But there are days when the marvels of the city on water unite with the neighboring Dolomites. The splendors of the Venetian territory can be seen from sea to mountains. To observe these wonders isn’t so unusual; it happens during the limpid days, often on the coldest and windiest days of winter. There isn’t a more beautiful picture frame than the one Venice gives of these mountains at a distance.



But where can you admire the mountains from Venice? All perimeters north west of the city are excellent panoramic points. You can see them from the Tre Archi Bridge to The Fondamente Nuove and up until Castello. The same can be said about the islands north of the lagoon like Murano and Burano as well as Sant’Erasmo up until Torcello.



Often the Dolomites suddenly appear before our eyes, when leaving or arriving in Venice. Landing at the Marco Polo Airport at Tessera or crossing the Liberty Bridge that connects Venice to the mainland, by train and by car.  The mountain’s peaks seem so close you can touch them.



But the thrill is multiplied if you can see this incredible mountain view from the Bell Tower in Piazza San Marco, or even better the one in San Giorgio: we are ready to bet you’ll remain breathless. A different perspective can be experienced at the internal coast of Lido, which includes the Venetian Lagoon with the breathtaking mountains.


If you love skiing, then you’ll already be acquainted with slopes of the Dolomites. And if you were planning your trip wanting to include snow, it would be a shame not to visit Venice while so close.  These two zones that lie in the same region (still very close even if including the Trentino Mountains of Alto Adige) seem like two areas made for each other. Nature and genius, architecture and landscape.

Online you’ll find many beautiful images we suggest those of Nicolò Miana that you can find here:

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