The Sensa Festival

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Every year Venice attracts millions of visitors who are interested in experiencing world-renowned events. One event that stands out is the Sensa Festival that is unique because it helps relive the century year old history of the Serenissima and its close relationship with the sea as well as the Voga alla Veneta (Venetian Rowing.)

The Gemellaggio Adriatico 2018 will be held in cities along Croatia’s Adriatic Coast- Pola, Parenzo, Rovigno, Umago, Cittanova, Medolino, Lussino, Cherso, Arbe.   

The History

The Sensa Festival is a celebration of the Serenissima Venetian Republic in occasion of Christ’s resurrection (in Venetian dialect Sensa.) The festival pays homage to two important events: In the year 1000 on the  9th of May when the Doge Pietro II Orseolo helped the Dalmazian population flee from the Slavic People.  While the second event is linked to the year 1177, when the Doge Sebastiano Ziani, Pope Alessandro III and Emperor Federico Barbarossa stipulated the peace treaty in Venice which ended the century old diatribe between Papacy and imperial domain. On that day every year a ritual between the Doge and sea uniting would transpire by the Doge boarding the Bucintoro (regal boat) and navigating to Sant’Elena to San Pietro di Castello. Waiting for him would be the Archbishop on a golden boat, ready to benedict him, underlining the dominion of the Serenissima with the sea. The Festival’s culminating event would be the propitious ritual of the Doge launching a golden ring in the water having reached the Bocca di Porto (the entrance to the Adriatic sea.)

Sensa Today

Since 1965 Venice continued celebrating The Festa della Sensa with the parade on water from San Marco to lido on the traditional boat where at the head is the “Serenissima” and inside a seat for the Mayor and other Citizen authorities. The celebration includes the ritual of throwing a symbolic ring in the water and after a religious ceremony is held in the church of San Nicolò in Lido.  On Sunday the world of Venetian Rowing participates in the water parade and other events by the Coordinamento of the Remiere Society of Voga Veneta. The program is completed with the Sensa Market at the church of San Nicolò in Lido, competitions of Voga alla Veneta, and numerous manifestations. Today Sensa is a moment for people to come together, pay historical homage and relive Venetian traditions: It is a celebration of the city and its relationship with the sea.

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