Trip to Chioggia, The other Venice


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There is another island in the Venetian lagoon, a hidden gem of the sea that resembles the fascinating Venetian island: it is known as Chioggia, the little Venice. If you love daily excursions, then you will surely love this little city.

How to get there

The general direction of Chioggia is actually really close (a few kilometers). There are two ways to get there: by land or sea. Taking the Bus will take longer, but at least it’s the most direct and fastest way (it will take about an hour to cross the Romea highway) the bus is line 80E ACTV buses and there is one every thirty minutes from Piazzale Roma. Going by sea takes a little longer but the journey is much more spectacular: you cross the coast that separates the Venetian Lagoon with the Adriatic Sea. You start by bus from the Lido Island until reaching the Alberoni where you embark on a ferryboat. 

The journey continues alongside the thin strip of land passing Santa Maria del Sale, Pellestrina and the characteristic village of San Piero in Volta.  Get off on the last stop and embark on the last comfortable vaporetto that will take you the City Center of Chioggia, Piazza Vigo.  Its’ not a very direct trip, but it is full of wonderful things to see. We also suggest you stop at the island of Pellestrina.

What to see

First thing to do is take a walk along the street Corso Del Popolo, the pulsating nucleus of the city. You can slowly discover the nearby fondamente that border the three principal canals that divide the city: Lombardo Canal, Vena Canal and San Domenico Canal.  Visit the numerous fish mongers docked on the historical old bank. Don’t miss out on the Torre di Sant’Andrea, the oldest clock known today (1386) which is located on Chioggia’s Bell tower.  You can take advantage of the Bragozzo Ulisse boat if you would like to take an excursion around the city.


Obviously the summertime is the most happening moment with numerous events to attend.  In July you can witness the re-enactment of the Marciliana, a costume party with modern and authentic fashion show (recorded live on National TV.) But the most fascinating and exciting event remains the Fish Sagra or festival that every July has been entertaining the inhabitants of Chioggia for the past seventy years. There are also a variety of gastronomical stands along the main street in homage to the art of fishing and its delicious local fish.

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