Vacationing in Venice, what restaurant to choose?

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We know that choosing a good restaurant to eat while on vacation isn’t so simple. There is always risk of falling in a touristic trap. Venetian restaurants are no exception. With a careful eye you can find a restaurant that’s right for you. The first rule is…

Choose what type of lunch you are looking for, or dinner, or quick bite. Choose the crème de la crème of Venetian cuisine with a typical osteria or bàcaro where you can taste various Venetian finger foods.  One thing is for sure there are many restaurants to choose from in the city (maybe too many.) Here are some suggestions to choosing between the infinite possibilities.

Top Restaurants in Venice

Some are found in big hotels with amazing views (Terrazza Danieli) others you’ll have to search for in alleys and even smaller alleys (Antiche Carampane). Other restaurants you have to reach by going to other minor islands in the Venetian lagoon (Venissa). They definitely aren’t inexpensive but they often offer an international cuisine and they thrive on using local ingredients to enhance traditional recipes. If you would like an idea of how much is usually spent for an unforgettable night in Venice, try the degustazioni or set menu: so you can stay in budget.

The Osterie and Bàcari in Venice

They are the real reason to why this island has soul. They can be traditional or contemporary, big or small, touristic or for locals, casual or refined.  As you can tell there are bàcari and osterie of all types and all tastes. We’ve already gone over some things to order when dining out, now lets see which osterie best fits your needs. First of all, don’t get so formal: not a lot of lace but a lot of satisfaction guaranteed with big savory portions. Don’t expect to have a three-course meal, starting with appetizers and finishing with dessert. A couple of cicchetti and a main dish is more than enough. For good cicchetti you should try La Ciurma or L’Arco (very close to Rialto and many apartments from My Venice Apartment) but if you would like something a little more filling try Da Codroma or the Osteria Ruga di Jaffa.

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