The Venetian Christmas Trees

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Every city has its Christmas trees and Venice is no exception. Since forever in December and in particular the affluent part of the city, a large tree is situated in Piazza San Marco and is oftentimes decorated differently.

But it isn’t just the decorations that take on different forms and colors. Even the tree’s nature will mutate year after year: one year the tree was a magnificent Fir from the Bellunese Forest, another year it was a splendid work of art composed entirely of glass from the artisans of Murano, and yet another time it was a tree composed of sparkling lights.

Whatever the Saint Mark tree’s leaves be made of, or the other Christmas trees that adorn the city, the winter season in Venice has a one of a kind festive atmosphere. For those who will visit Venice during this time, here are the places where you can see some of the most fascinating Christmas trees the city has to offer.

Piazza San Marco aka Saint Mark’s Square

We don’t even have to say it, the Saint Mark’s Christmas tree is symbolically the one that represents Venice. Around this central area, just a few meters from Palazzo Ducale (The Doge’s Palace) and from the Basilica, the 2017 tree is a cascade of sparkling led lights that can be perfectly seen when crossing the San Marco Basin on a vaporetto.  It is a grand and luminous tree that shines on the Piazza.

The Salute Basilica

Just like a lighthouse at the entrance of the Grand Canal, the majestic Christmas tree is found right in front of the Salute’s Basilica and could be considered the twin of the one found in Piazza San Marco. It is a composition of thousands of lights and it stands out in one of the most beautiful parts of Venice.

Santa Lucia Train Station

If you get to Venice by train or leave by one, the first thing you’ll notice in front of the piazzale of the Station is the tree installation by the artist Marco Lodola. It is a led sculpture that resembles a classical tree and the gondola.

Are you a good Christmas tree hunter? Which one is your favorite?


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