Venetian Itinerary: What to see day by day in Venice

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We like to let you know about the different curiosities, alternative ways, and different perspectives that Venice has to offer you week by week.  We often find that even those who visit Venice longer than a couple of days are tempted to visit only the main attractions in the San Marco area. Though these are surely the most popular and beautiful places on the island, they most definitely are not the only ones that will leave you breathless. 

For Palaces, churches and museums, the issue is the same: there are so many in Venice and the ones less visited usually hold unexpected surprises.  Dividing the city in smaller areas- quarters and neighborhoods, (or however else they are called in other parts of the world) allows you to see less crowded areas and truly get to know the authentic Venice and its inner calmness. If for example you stay in Venice for longer than a week, here are some suggestions in how to divide your time. Alternative itineraries are always possible and highly suggested. If you are looking for a more detailed look into the different quarters we suggest you take a look at the dedicated blogs posted on My Venice Apartment

A day in Venice: Dorsoduro

It’s the quarter where the Museum Mile is located, the Squero of San Trovaso, the beautiful Zattere and the Venetian way. Maybe one day isn’t enough, but the atmosphere and panaroma offered by this quarter is amazing. Visit it in depth and for a longer period of time: from the Punta della Dogana and Santa Marta, you won’t regret it.

A day in Venice: Cannaregio

Cannaregio not only has a great nightlife, but here you will also fine some of the more hidden churches in Venice, the incredible Jewish Ghetto, splendid public parks as well as many delicious bacari and restaurants. Take in the marvels of the rios and canals at sunset in this marvelous quarter.

A day in Venice: Castello

Big spaces, beautiful gardens, the Biennale, the military Arsenale and the most authentic Venice. A grand and often overlooked quarter. Try getting lost until reaching the San Piero de Casteo, a mystical adventure.

A day in Venice: San Marco

It doesn’t need an introduction, it is the symbol of Venice, from its beauty and its history: here you’ll find everything this little island is famous for. Take advantage of these unlikely/different moments to visit this part of the city or different perspectives to soak in the essence of this city.

A day in Venice: Santa Croce

This is the quarter where many arrive or leave from Ple. Roma, very few stop to visit. Yet these areas offer so much. Marvelous short cuts, unimaginable museums, delightful bacari and a relaxing, calm ambience that reveals Venice’s true nature.

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