Venice: 12 good rules for the responsible visitor

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Venice is the only city of its type in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site representing a cultural and natural asset of exceptional value, demanding its preservation and transmission to future generations.

A sustainable tourism – not altering the natural and artistic environment, and not obstructing the development of other social and economic activities in harmony with the daily life of residents – is necessary to preserve the extraordinary beauty and uniqueness of Venice.

12 good rules for the responsible visitor make up a sort of handbook with advice and recommendations to become travellers that are more aware and respectful towards Venice’s landscape, environment, artistic beauties and identity.

  • 1. Discover the hidden treasures of Venice in the least visited places to appreciate Venice’s exceptional beauty.
  • 2. Explore the islands in the lagoon and Mainland Venice, participate in events spread throughout the Metropolitan City.
  • 3. Taste the local products and typical Venetian cuisine.
  • 4. Visit the artisans’ workshops and learn about the ancient trades that still exist today in Venice. Choose only original products and do not buy any goods from illegal vendors.
  • 5. Book tours with qualified tourist guides able to recount Venice’s thousand-year-old history.
  • 6. Walk on the right, do not stand at any time on bridges, do not even lead bikes by hand.
  • 7. Steps of churches, bridges, wells, monuments and banks of streams, canals etc. are not picnic areas. Please use the public gardens for this necessity. Consult the map.
  • 8. St. Mark’s Square is a monumental site and excluding pertinent bars and restaurants, it is forbidden to stand at any time in order to consume food or drink.
  • 9. Venice is a city of art: it is forbidden to camp, walk about in swimwear, dive and swim. The beaches at Lido and Pellestrina can be easily reached.
  • 10. Respect the environment and artistic wealth: do not litter, do not vandalize with graffiti, or padlocks. Do not give food to the pigeons.
  • 11. If you are staying in an apartment or flat, please get informed about the garbage recycling collection.
  • 12. Plan your trip and choose to visit Venice when it is less crowded.

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