Venice’s Secret


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Amongst the infinite Italian marvels, there is a small island in the northeast that hides a great secret. Millions of people every year visit it.  Everyone in the world knows of it. Try showing a picture of St. Marks square to a Japanese child or an elderly Brazilian, trust me they will recognize it to be Venice. 

And yet, however easy it is to see Venice, to feel it is another thing. To Live it for just a day, is another thing.  You can spend hours staring up at churches, bridges, and palaces and return home with a faded postcard in mind and being exhausted.  But if what you’re looking for is the soul of Venice, its essence, its extraordinary potential, then you can count on us! You won’t regret it. We are ready to accompany you inside Venice, where not everyone looks.


However easy it is to see Venice, to feel it is another thing


Immersed in the Venetian atmosphere, you will uncover gastronomic paths, typical bars alternative itineraries that the city on water can give you: a captivating and unforgettable experience.  You will notice how rewarding it is to breathe Venice’s history, enjoy the impressive hidden sights and memories of centuries past.  But Venice is more than just history. Most importantly is recognizing the modern aspects of the island, projected towards the future thanks to its particularity as well as its artistic and cultural success. And here lies the difference between a nice and special vacation with enduring memories.


Venice is more than just history


For those born and raised in Venice, this island protected by the venetian lagoon, set between the Adriatic Sea the and Dolomites, it isn’t only a city of art like the others, it’s a treasure to be safeguarded and a gem the world should be proud to get to know.

That secret that Venice hides, we guard with love and passion. And slowly very slowly, a little bit at a time, we want to share it with you.


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