Why visit Venice before the New Year

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You needn’t any particular reason to visit Venice. It’s a dream for many, and lately it’s becoming an easier thing to make happen. Our suggestion is to always carefully evaluate the period you would like to vacation in Venice, if you have the possibility of choosing, obviously.

We know that apart from its beauty, Venice has many faces and infinite shades, few of which are based on the season you decide to organize your trip in. The scents of spring, the warm glow of summer, the colors of autumn, and the magic of winter only partially describe the atmosphere within this marvelous city.

Most everyone thinks they need to wait for the “nice weather,” like the summer months when the weather is pleasant no matter the busy crowds. But we suggest you rethink the months following the end of the year because they may offer pleasant surprises.

There is no real low season anymore in Venice contrary to what it was like just a few years ago. There exists a really high season (spring/summer) while the “lower” season is limited to just a few days in December right before Christmas and the January period that falls right before Carnival. There are moments during the year that for those who love the non-ordinary perspectives can find new stimulating ideas and many fulfillments.

October, November, and December are months that are usually overlooked when planning your vacation, but the city during this time takes on a new dimension to discover new and interesting things. The climatic change in October, that usually extends itself until November with the Summer of San Martino, the first high waters and fog, the last weeks before the closing of many Art Exhibitions, the Grand Madonna della Salute or Immacolata festival (with relative construction of bridges) and the typical winter foods found in the territory are just some of the many reasons why you should come and enjoy Venice during the last months before the New Year.

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