Visiting Venice with Children

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You’ve chosen to vacation in Venice with the whole family? Good choice. And if you’ve chosen Family Apartment of My Venice Apartment, you couldn’t have chosen better!  Venice is the perfect city to visit together- with so much to discover- for the whole family.

First of all, just the fact you don’t have cars, therefore one less worry when having children, is a good reason to think about Venice when picking a place to visit. Walking calmly along the alley-ways and campielli of Venice is surely a magnificent experience for every member of the family. The “awkwardness” of living in a city that you must walk to get places (although there a lot of waterbuses and taxi boats available) is one of the incredible pros this city has to offer.  In any case, it’s important to find out when the best time to visit is like most cities that have a lot of tourism.

With the many things to do with the kids in Venice, many are connected to the art world and museums (that often times offer specific activities dedicated to children) but many children just enjoy the wonderful city itself, from its history and incredibly unique atmosphere.

It would be impossible for your children not to be fascinated (even if subconsciously) by this so different experience and unique journey to Venice with the whole family.


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