Waiting for the San Giacomo festival

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We often talk about it, we know, but the summer Sagre aka Festivals in the city are events close to heart for Venetians and they represent the original and  “slow” way to understanding the island and it’s inhabitants. This is why we always suggest you take part in at least one of the festivals when visiting Venice between June and September. 

One of the most loved sagre in Venice is in San Giacomo dell’Orio(from the 14th to 23rd of July this year) a week of music, food and shows in the splendid Campo of San Giacomo. It is one of the most lively and particular campi in Venice. If you are looking for something different to spend your evenings while in Venice this is the place for you. Here are some suggestions to experience this festival.


Get there Early 

Of course you’ll be tired after a long day of admiring the city’s beauties, and the air conditioned apartment will be difficult to leave, but to slowly see the campo fill with people, while the smell of meat cooking on the grill is worth experiencing. Get there around 18:30 and take a seat in one of the many tables set up, possibly with a beer in hand and watch the joyous festival of San Giacomo unfold before your eyes.


Try the ribs

Useless saying it, you should take advantage of the gastronomic stand. It isn’t refined or gourmet cuisine but healthy (more or less) and delicious homemade meals. The options aren’t many, with different traditional plates from bigoli in salsa to pasta a fagioli (don’t miss out on a plate of Bovoletti) before savoring the main course of : ribs, passionately grilled by volunteers that take turn on the fire.


Dance by the stage

Every night is a different band, music rigorously Live and Local. Experience the authentic Venice through the local bands. In any case the entertainment is guaranteed just as the quality of the performers. You’ll find yourself dancing by the stage with the numerous Venetians having fun and letting off some steam.

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