Water: clean and free for everyone in Venice

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Summer in Venice can be very hot and humid. It’s best that to remain hydrated during a hot day exploring the marvels of the millennium year-old island.  But is it necessary to stop more than once in a bar or a supermarket to buy a plastic bottle of water? Absolutely not.

Venetians know better: Water that comes out of the pipes from the aqueduct of the city are good, clean, and controlled.  For many residents of the island in fact, water bottles are a distant memory (it’s less weight to carry around the alleys, bridges, and stairs.) But above all, less bottles means less trash, less plastic use and less pollution connected to transportation and recycling/waste disposal.  A very important issue for Venice and for the rest of the world.

The site www.venicetapwater.com explains it well, where you see listed 5 great reasons to use the Venetian water system.  Public water that flows from the faucets and fountains (is a perfect source of clean and freshwater to fill up your water bottles during your walks in Venice; in this post you can find a map of active water) it’s safe, good, free, sustainable and plastic free. All great reasons to stop consuming disposable bottles, even if we are vacationing in Venice.

We’ve already spoken of this in different occasions on our blog, because with just a few changes we can contribute in making a magnificent area like Venice even more beautiful and sustainable and at the same time diffuse some sensibility.


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