When it snows in Venice

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It doesn’t happen often, so it’s good to remember when it does. It’s not easy in fact for Venice to have the right climate factors for a good old snowfall. Oftentimes, even during the coldest winters, you will only get a glimpse of a few snowflakes falling that never stick to the alleys or square floor and it won’t be able to stick on the rooftops are bell towers either. But when it does actually snow in Venice, the spectacle is amazing. It’s good to remember that in case of snow (but not only), you better book something in the historical center, it’s the best choice to avoid delays and inconveniences due to the difficult connections with the mainland.

Imagine this unique city, already irreplaceable and without time, enveloped in snow with squares covered, gondolas hidden in frost and the alleys ready to reflect the cold winter light. Imagine the magical water and snow that match perfectly with the rios and canals, the Saint Mark Basilica’s dome sprinkled with white and the marvelous mosaics that tell the history of this patron city.

Venice with snow is much much more, especially if you choose the right time and places to admire it. You don’t even have to say it, the best moment to experience this unforgettable event in the lagoon is at sunrise, especially if the night before there was snowfall. As soon as you leave your apartment you will find in front of you an incredible white immaculate rug that is until the many footprints that follow will tread on it. The snow is a soft and bright shield that engulfs the city in between tight alleys and large squares. It’s an image you won’t forget.

For an even more incredible experience, don’t forget to change perspective and venture out from the typical touristic views and see for yourself a different side of Venice. An idea could be, one we’ve suggested numerous of times, a more privileged view up high over the city, seeing it covered with snow is even more special.

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